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The majestic VA358 White Eagle is Victoria Arduino’s latest offering to the specialty coffee industry. This incredibly versatile machine comes standard with raised groups to allow large to-go cups to be used without having to transfer the shot from a smaller cup.

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Check out this super high-tech machine from Victoria Arduino. Victoria Arduino Theresia is the Rolls Royce of espresso machines this is quite possibly the most flossy coffee maker money

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A Fully Automatic Coffee Bean Roaster (Arduino) By nightlife31 in Food Coffee. 85,346. 146. 44. Featured. Stats Download Favorite. By nightlife31 Follow. Ok, so now you connect the popcorn machine to the Arduino, to the 19V and 220V power supply and you connect the Arduino to the LCD screen and your computer, and you are ready to test your

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Most important A new eagle is ready to spread its wings. Subsequently it will land in all coffee shops soon. Obviously a machine that will continue to make make quality coffee. That is to say consistency is our mission. Undeniably this is the new VA358 White Eagle. So being a Victoria Arduino machine it is dedicated to specialty coffee. Finally

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If all goes well, feel free to hot glue the relays, the clock, the arduino, and the power supply to the coffee maker, where you see fit. You now have a self-brewing coffee maker, assuming you have coffee in the brewer at all times, and there is water in it.

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We can now control our coffee machine with Bluetooth. I am not very good in design so forgive me my coffee machine looks bad but you can easily make a small box for the Arduino and the relay to fit properly. In the future I will update the tutorial with a conveyor belt. …

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Arduino in a coffee machine

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Arduino Coffee Roaster My attempt to make a coffee roaster using a popcorn popper and an Arduino micro processor. Sunday, May 15, 2011. They however did a nice job in getting this feature in and still keeping the machine fairly small. It only holds 4 oz. of roasted coffee. That is …

Arduino in a coffee machine

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ending machine. A. Mechanism An arduino based vending machine is designed. The arduino can be programmed with arduino software (IDE). The RFID card is used to provide cashless payment. The Lcd display information and product available at Output of vending machine. yes Candy nochocolate Assembly yes Dc motor no yes no

Arduino in a coffee machine

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The lever system of this professional coffee machine lets the barista modulate the pre-infusion manually for each delivery. When you lower the lever hot water from the boiler enters the group, wetting the coffee. Victoria Arduino marketed its first lever machines at the end of World War II, in 1946. They were the WAT series of espresso

Arduino in a coffee machine

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Victoria Arduino was founded in 1905 by Pier Teresa Arduino (1876 – 1923), with the aim of building an espresso machine that did not compromise on quality, materials or performance. The result redefined the parameters of modern espresso coffee machines.

Arduino in a coffee machine

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/28/2016Hacking a coffee machine. 19 Comments . by: Anool Mahidharia. January 28, 2016. The folks at Q42 write code, lots of it, and this implies the copious consumption of coffee. In more primitive times

Arduino in a coffee machine

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Arduino in a coffee machine


My espresso machine is customized for a quality coffee experience. Although not alone in the world of modified appliances, I think my Rancilio Silvia is unique. Her central nervous system is an Arduino microcontroller: all the switches that once flipped power to components now send requests to …

Arduino in a coffee machine

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The Victoria Arduino MDJ on Demand Coffee Grinder is the machine that you are looking for. Here are some of its features: The MDJ on Demand Coffee Grinder comes with a Coffee Counter that allows you to keep track of your day, or at the number of shots dispensed by the machine.