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This entire work is done on the Linux based embedded computer called raspberry pi, in which database creation, fingerprint reader access, authentication and recognition using python were entirely done on raspberry pi This paper discusses on the standardized authentication model which is capable of extracting the finger prints of individual and

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Music Player based on Raspberry Pi A and B (rev. 2 with P5 header) With the newer generations of Raspberry Pi releases, many people will have to replace their older Raspberry Pi model A or B with a new Raspberry Pi A+, B+, 2 or 3.

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Raspberry Pi Google Wall Calendar Project. Revised: 8-8-2017. Project Background: which is the open source web browser Google Chrome is based on. More information on Chromium can be found at . chromium. org. The first step is to install the Raspbian operating system. If you are using the Raspberry Pi kit, power on your device then use the

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How to create your own media server at home with the Raspberry Pi and OSMC! Mis jour le 6 July 2017-0 Commentaires -graphic interface, Installation, OSMC is a distribution based on Raspbian, and adds Kodi (previously XBMC) You may find a lot of different cases especially designed for the Raspberry online, but our prefered one,

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Here’s my latest DIY project, a smartphone based on a Raspberry Pi. It’s called – wait for it – the PiPhone. It makes use an Adafruit touchscreen interface and a Sim900 GSM/GPRS module to make phone calls. It’s more of a proof of concept to see what could be done with a relatively small form factor with off-the-shelf (cheap) components.

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Ultimate Raspberry Pi Home Server: Welcome reader. Follow me on twitter here for similar projects; tweet me for any help with this one!@dilwil_talk First please note: This instructable can be done within a day, but a weekend is certainly recommended. The image is based on Raspian, which is a Debian flavor adapted for the Pi, that runs

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A Compact Home-Made Raspberry Pi Tablet. June 28, 2017. I’m building something similar based on Raspberry PI Zero W, but without a display, just a very portable wireless mini server, which can serve as a backend for my mobile/tablet on go. JP July 15, 2017.

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Check out these 47 raspberry pi projects that were entered into the Make: Raspberry Pie Design Contest. An all in one desktop computer, based on the Raspberry Pi. The goal of this project was to produce a computer system, based on the Raspberry Pi, with an absolute minimum of cable clutter.

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A Raspberry Pi-based network storage device on the other hand, consumes about $5 worth of power per year. We’ll be the first to grant you that a full fledged server is going to have more storage space and the capability to do more work (such as transcoding a multi-terabyte video collection in a …

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Well, concerning the advantages of making up Raspberry Pi NAS hosting device, RPI is a mini-computer with the full performance of a Linux-based operating system …

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While the Pi can’t quite get the job done right out of the box, giving your Pi the power to stream Netflix is pretty simple. Here’s how to watch Netflix on a Raspberry Pi. What we’re going to do is use the Raspbian operating system to run the Chromium browser and open Netflix in Chromium on your Raspberry Pi.

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Figure 9: Identify Raspberry Pi GPIO pins with a handy reference. (Image source: Seeed Technology) Don’t power the Raspberry Pi through the GPIO pins. It can be done, but it means bypassing the on-board fuse. The fuse is self-resetting and can be replaced if necessary.

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The beauty of the Raspberry Pi is that it’s a pocket-sized computer. That means it can go virtually anywhere, like in the garage, near the front door, or anywhere else you need a pair of eyes

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CCTV Raspberry Pi Based System with Storage using MotionEyeOS. 248 Shares. In this project Julian is going to show you how to build a complete Raspberry Pi based home surveillance system in which you can manage all your cameras from one single place using MotionEyeOS. The system built also allows you to save your frames from all your