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The board is mainly intended to remote control and power off/on a media center system or game emulator, i. e LibreELEC, OpenELEC, OSMC, XBian, RasPlex, Raspbian, Volumio, RetroPie, Recalbox although it can be used with any Raspberry Pi operating system.

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These functions are typically enough to use a TV remote to control that box. For example, the Amazon Fire TV has this kind of CEC functionality. Other devices, such as the Raspberry Pi , have more complete CEC abilities, and are completely built-in.

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Raspberry-remote Control remote sockets with the Raspberry Pi, features a webinterface. Uses RCSwitch and wiringPi. Download this project as a . zip file Download this project as a tar. gz file. Raspberry Pi Remote About. Control your remote power sockets with a raspberry pi. This project includes a web interface. Credits.

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Mini Wireless Keyboard/Air Remote Control/Mouse / Touchpad with Colorful Backlit, 2. 4GHz Connection, Best for Android TV Box, HTPC, IPTV, PC, Raspberry pi 3,Pad and More Devices.

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Android TV for Raspberry Pi 3. both of these options. one is “com. google. android. apps. mediashell. leanback” and the other is “com. google. android. tv. remote” you may need this one as well. “com. google. android. athome. remotecontrol”. These apps may require more of google, but you can try them to see if they work.

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Official XBMC Remote (free) This one is fairly self-explanatory. If you’ve set up an XBMC based media centre on your Raspberry Pi, you can use this Android app on your wifi network as a …

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Control your Raspberry Pi with the TV remote. Ask Question 6. 2. The strange thing is, that I can control my Raspberry Pi (the XBMC software) with my TV remote of my SmartTV! How is this possible? The communication channel between the Raspberry Pi and the SmartTV is the HDMI cable.

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/29/2015 TV SideView. Yatse: Kodi remote control and cast. Tolriq.

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GPIO IR receiver Don't have a CEC TV or a smartphone remote? For less than a dollar/euro, you can add an IR receiver to your Raspberry Pi that works with most MCE and Apple remotes (and a few others).

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OSMC is a free and open source media center built for the people, by the people. OSMC is a free and open source media center built for the people, by the people. All from your remote. Play (almost) anything. OSMC can play all major media formats out there from a variety of different devices and streaming protocols.

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Controlling your TV with voice and Raspberry Pi. What’s cooler than controlling your TV with voice commands? A billion dollars! But for this post, it’s controlling your TV with voice commands through Raspberry Pi! (and a billion dollars…) So, down to business.

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/7/2016Use Any Tv Remote With Raspberry Pi 1 2 3 Flirc Usb Get One Here- ://flirc. tv This video is for EDUCATION PURPOSES ONLY. DISCLAIMER: This video and description contains affiliate links, which

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The possible applications are obvious: Infra-red mouse, remote control for your TV tuner card or CD-ROM, shutdown by remote, program your VCR and/or satellite tuner with your computer, etc. Using lirc on Raspberry Pie is quite popular these days.

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