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Raspberry Pi Resources Our resources for other geeks, designers and engineers. Raspberry Pi Projects . Search. Electronic Designers in the South East of England. We are specialist electronic designers working for clients both big and small. We provide anything from simple electronic designer services to complete electronic product design, with

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The best projects to try with the Raspberry Pi and Raspberry Pi Zero The Raspberry Pi is one of the most versatile and innovative pieces of technology ever made.

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/15/2018The Raspberry Pi single-board computer and all its variants (including the dirt-cheap Raspberry Pi Zero and a turbo-charged Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ released on Pi …

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A number of Raspberry Pi projects have demonstrated that a similar technology can be created using a Raspberry Pi in conjunction with widely available LCD glasses. This provides an affordable, accessible pathway into working with augmented reality.

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/25/2016The Video shows 10 best Projects made using Raspberry Pi kits. Below are links of individual videos and producers. Great ideas and work by all these people.

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Category: Projects. Projects Build a Raspberry Pi Home Automation Hub using Mozilla’s Things Gateway. This blog post will walk you through how to build your very own Raspberry Pi home automation gateway using the Mozilla Things Gateway software. For this project we will be using the a Raspberry Pi 3, but you can also use a Raspberry Pi Zero W

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The Raspberry Pi Projects Kit teaches students basic programming and electronics skills so that they can use sensors, sounds, images, and lights to create interactive projects. Perfect for students who are looking for a fun learning toy as well as for those who want to build unique science/engineering projects for a science fair, the kit is

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Best Raspberry Pi Zero projects 2019. Quite unbelievably, the thumb-sized Raspberry Pi Zero is more powerful than the original Pi (2012’s Raspberry Pi 1 Model B) and costs just $5/4.

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The Raspberry Pi is a series of small single-board computers developed in the United Kingdom by the Raspberry Pi Foundation to promote teaching of basic computer science …

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/16/2018The Raspberry Pi’s very existence can be chalked up to creativity. Ebon Upton and the Raspberry Pi Foundation created the $35 mini-PC to inspire students to …

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A Raspberry Pi is a hand-sized computer you can use to do fun projects, as well as learn to code if you want. Plus you can buy colorful cases, even build a case from Legos. This article describes where to get one, how to get set up, and several Raspberry Pi projects to keep you busy for days.

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Faster than any of its predecessors, the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ is here. Share your plans for the newest member of the Pi family below. Register or login to share or post your own Pi projects.

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All these projects are a great way to learn more about both the fundamentals of the Raspberry Pi and also how a Linux operating system works. By doing some of these projects, you will even start to learn bash, PHP, Python and lots more programming scripting languages.

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Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi is a capable little computer which can be used in electronics projects, and for many of the things that your desktop PC does.